Fabulous Reviews

What Clients are saying about the New, Versatile Chameleon Cornice™…

Dear Marilyn,

“I want to thank you for suggesting your newest exquisite design, Chameleon Cornices to update my window treatments. My living room is on the dark side therefore I wanted to receive the maximum amount of outdoor light. The Chameleon Cornice allows me to receive light and view the outdoors simultaneously providing a refined tasteful look for my decor.

The best characteristic of the Chameleon Cornice is that it allows one to update and change their look by inserting a new panel without having to remove the whole cornice from the wall. This is just such a wonderful concept! Now I can easily change my designer look in just a few easy steps. The Chameleon Cornices have given my living room an impressive updated custom design look that you would see in a home magazine. I can’t thank you enough for this product and the custom panels that were designed especially for my home.”

Deb P., Bristol, CT

“Recently, I called Marilyn for advice on creating a window treatment for my daughter’s room. I needed something that blended both our styles. I’ve always been hesitant about purchasing “expensive” window treatments since I redecorate my rooms pretty frequently, but she had told me about the “Chameleon Cornice” and I wanted to learn more. She said it was a window treatment that had straight lines and a panel that my daughter could decorate. The best part was that I could change the panel as often as I wished, and it was reasonably priced.

I was intrigued. I provided Marilyn some of my daughter’s “best artwork” and asked her to create a collage for the panel. Something that could show off my daughter’s personality and would be fun, and clean, and simple, yet frilly. No small task, I know.

I still remember the day Marilyn brought me into my daughter’s room to show me the cornice. I knew I had given Marilyn a tough challenge and didn’t know what to expect. When I walked in the room, I was honestly speechless. The cornice exceeded my expectations. It was simple, clean, fun… gorgeous. Marilyn captured exactly what I wanted.”

Lynn H., Granby, CT

“I love my Chameleon Cornices. They are easy to install, simple to swap out the inserts, and visually appealing. I can’t wait to get more inserts for my dining room cornices and then add more cornices in other rooms. My seven year old son wants them for his bedroom!”

Paula L., Glastonbury, CT