Interior Design Services

Looking for something specific? Marilyn’s got it covered.

Complete Interior Design
Marilyn provides all interior design and decorating services necessary to define the classic, contemporary, tailored, or luxurious look and feel her clients desire. Exhilarating color and sensual textures are just a few hallmarks of a space designed by Marilyn.  Have some fun while you explore the possibilities!

New Construction
Not sure what products and design services you need prior to new home completion? Marilyn is here, dedicated to working with you from beginning to end when planning your new home project, and to ensure your vision and expectations are met.

Color Assessment
What is color?  Light, dark, shades, tones, values – that’s just the start.  Color is many things to many people.  Choosing color combinations can not only be intimidating, it can also become overpowering. One of Marilyn’s finest skills is in selecting color combinations that can bring your rooms to a new level of excitement!

Marilyn provides ongoing consultation in all areas of residential and small commercial design.  She educates and opens new doors for her clients on just about every project she encounters.

Older and historical rooms are magical. Many of Marilyn’s clients are amazed at what was under that wallpaper, rug or upholstery.  She turns older rooms and homes into fresh, lively new environments that often become their very own oasis!

Decorative Walls
Nothing changes a mood like fresh new paint with nice texture and finish. Marilyn works with skilled artisans to provide unique wall treatments that make a statement. Whether bold or soft colors, textured patterns, or plain, she creates the mood that suits you.

Shopping Services
Marilyn provides personal design shopping services that save you time, inconvenience, and money. However, you are welcome to shop with her. She loves the company!