What’s New?

Welcome to What’s New! Well, what’s new is the Chameleon Cornice™ (patent pending), the most innovative new window treatment in years! As the name implies, this treatment can be altered to fit your mood or changing décor. Once installed, this decorative cornice can stay up forever, yet the design can be altered whenever you choose! And with a multitude of design options available to you, it can be used in any room of the house.

For years, I watched clients struggle with the problem of changing window décor easily or inexpensively.  Standard cornice treatments were popular, but needed to be removed and reupholstered often at substantial cost.  The idea for a cornice that could sport easily changeable looks to meet today’s lifestyle requirements came to me, and the prototype was developed.  After some marketing research, and demonstrations to my neighbors and friends, I realized I had created an exciting new product that other homeowners could also enjoy. So I began taking orders and the Chameleon Cornice™ was born.

What’s really special about the Chameleon Cornice™ is the interchangeable feature that gives home owners the option to experience a new fabric, design, or texture through its easy removable panels. No more rings, rods, or hooks with the Chameleon Cornice™, just comfortable, affordable convenience at its best!

Please contact me to learn more about my revolutionary new product design that can dramatically improve the look of any room while reducing your long term decorating costs.



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