Chameleon Cornice™
What Is the Chameleon Cornice™?

The Chameleon Cornice™ (Patent Pending) is marketed by Design Entourage, a subsidiary of Marilyn Interiors, LLC.

The Chameleon Cornice™ is a visionary new concept in window treatments developed by Marilyn Donzila to accommodate the changing needs of her clients. Now, you can customize your windows with an adaptive custom cornice design that combines a timeless, classic look with the ability to change the décor with ease!


Since the decorations are changeable and limited only to the imagination, the Chameleon Cornice™ can be used virtually anywhere from formal living rooms to kids rooms, kitchens, baths, etc.

To learn more and order your customized Chameleon Cornice™, please contact us today.

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